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denver wedding cinematographer
Hello! My name is Dustin and I am a Denver wedding cinematographer based out of the Denver area. I want to welcome you to my website and tell you a little about myself and my wedding videography company, Stelly Weddings.  I work endlessly to produce captivating wedding films without interrupting your wedding day.  Having been a wedding videographer for over 4 years, I have filmed all kinds of weddings, and worked along side all types of wedding professionals, which has provided some really awesome experiences for me both professionally and personally!  If you play the video at the top of the page, you’ll notice the landscape is far different than Colorado : )  I also travel for destination weddings worldwide and would love to hear more about your ideas for your wedding.

I like to refer to Stelly Weddings as a boutique more than a company because when I hear the word boutique, I think rare, hand crafted, original, and exclusive. My promise is to create wedding films that fit each of those descriptions. I have worked to display my films in a way that is easy to navigate, and properly displays my passion for filming weddings. My clients often refer to my F.A.Q. page to find answers to their questions but please feel free to contact me anytime through the simple form on the CONTACT page or by phone at 720-491-1458. All in all, I really hope that each person who visits this site finds a connection between the films I produce and the vision for their own wedding film. Read more [about Stelly Weddings.]

Thanks again,
Dustin Stelly
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Below are screen grabs from recent weddings. To watch my wedding films, click on PORTFOLIO above!

Denver Wedding Cinematographer