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Do you do still photography? – FAQ

There are two questions that I get often. 1. Do I do still photography and 2. Do I have photographers that I can hire to do a bundle package. The short answer to both is no. I don’t do still photography, at least not professionally anyway. Sure I play around and take pictures from time to time. For a few friends and family members I’ve done photography, but it’s always with the knowledge that I’m not really claiming to be a still photographer and there’s no guarantee’s on how good these pictures come out. I use DSLRs for my video work, and I often have the same exact camera as the photographer at many

of the weddings I shoot. So with the same cameras and the same lenses, people often assume that I could just easily do both, or that it’s really the same thing, I guess that’s why I’ve probably had to tell my grandmother at least 15 times that I’m not a photographer. Much like in video, it’s not the gear, it’s the talent. All the cameras and lenses in the world doesn’t just give somebody a skill or talent. I have so much respect for so many of the photographers that I work with because I know that their craft is so much more difficult than it looks. I think it would be an insult for me to just go around claiming I’m a photographer just because I have the same kind of camera. Likewise, I don’t really expect still photographers to be able to do what I’ve spent years learning. The best analogy I can think of is if you asked a great blues guitarist to play in a heavy metal band. Sure, they’re both playing guitars, and they’re both playing really difficult stuff, but it’s really not the same skillset.


As for bundling up with another photographer, there just isn’t any added benefit to me or the client to do that. I think when people think of bundle packages, they expect to save a little money. Actually, the packages that I do have save clients lots of money. But my prices are absolutely as low as they could be, and any photographer I’d bundle with would expect to make as much as they normally charge, so there really wouldn’t be room to save any money for the client. So there really wouldn’t be any benefit in a bundle package with a still photographer. In fact it would have two negative results. It would be negative for the client because they wouldn’t be able to pick the photographer they really wanted. And it would be a negative move for me and the photographer because we would then be responsible for each other.  The thought of me doing a great job and doing a great video only to end up with a negative review somewhere because the pictures didn’t come out is just something I don’t ever want to happen to my boutique.

So I urdge you in shopping for venders, think of photography and videography as very different products, because they are. You wouldn’t ask your DJ to officiate your ceremony would you?



Now, after that long explanation about how I’m not a photographer, I’ll show you some of the photography I’ve done for friends and stuff anyway……..

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