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Do you offer any Thursday wedding discounts? – FAQ

One of the best ways to save money on your wedding is to have it any other time that Saturday night. Just about every wedding is on Saturday night, and vendors know it, so many of the offer discounts for the rest of the week. Often the price to rent a venue can be half as much on a Thursday as it is on a Saturday, and sometimes Sunday weddings are discounted as well. So, naturally, I get requests from time to time for Thursday weddings and I’m asked what discounts I can offer. Unfortunately, offering discounts for certain days of the week just isn’t something that makes sense for my business. With a venue, they offer discounts because they would ideally like to book every day of the year. With my video boutique however, I’m only able to work on about 20-25 projects for year. Furthermore, I don’t do more than one wedding in a weekend. So when I book a wedding on a Thursday or Friday, I’m not going to book one that same Saturday, even if I get lots of inquiries. So it doesn’t really make sense for my company to offer a discount on a Thursday when I’m sacrificing booking that Saturday at my regular price. Fortunately, I am the absolute best value around and my prices are as low as they can possibly be. I keep an eye on all of my competitors in both Houston and Austin, and I can honestly say I don’t think there is a single wedding videographer in Houston or Austin that’s doing work on my level of quality at a better price…any day of the week.

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