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Featured Vendor: Crystal Occasions – Video Interview

For people that maybe don’t have hundreds of free hours to spend on their wedding plans, or if you just don’t think you can handle it all on your own, there is help! Last week at the Austin Modern Bride Expo I met with a lot of great wedding vendors, and one of the nicest, most down to earth people I talked to was Crystal, the owner of Crystal Occasions. She does wedding planning/coordinating/styling. She says they do about thirty weddings per year, but they’re always growing and I can see why. After the show I asked if she could get me some pictures to show me some of the weddings they’ve done and the stuff I’ve seen is so beautiful. Crystal and her team clearly have a great style and understanding of what brides want today, one of my favorite things she talked about is how she believes in staying out of the brides way and making it better, not taking it over! She says the biggest misconception about coordinators is that they’re going to dominate everything, and she’s working to reverse that stereotype of coordinators! I can honestly say that I’ve seen a few coordinators that were overbearing, so I think it’s great to find someone that understands that that’s a bad thing! Check out our conversation in the video below, then for more information you can head to

Check out some pictures of some of the weddings that Crystal and her team have worked on!

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