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Finger Pickin’ Story Flingin’ Ed

***DISCALIMER: This post has nothing to do with weddings, but it’s my website so I’ll post what I want!***

My father always thought there were certain things that were important to pass on to my brother and myself. All parents want to raise their kids do to well in school and get a job and blah blah, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m taking about the things that were special to him, that he thought we should share. I’m talking about The Three Stooges, Roger Rabbit, and old silent slap stick movies with Buster Keaton. He also always had a deep feeling that my brother and I should have music in our life. My dad, I think, owned a guitar and maybe a drum set at one point, but he isn’t really what you would consider a “musician” per se. Still, he found ways to try to introduce music to us from an early stage. He would take us down the music store a few stores over from the business he ran, he helped me buy my first guitar at a pawn shop, he made attempts to share the current music that we loved from the radio and share the old tunes he rocked out to when he was growing up. But perhaps the most valuable way that he got us excited with music was taking us on trips to see his friend Eddy Davis, or “Special Ed”, as we endearingly called him.

Ed is one of, if not the most, talented musicians I’ve ever met. He can pluck a tune out of just about anything with strings and make it sound like he’s been doing it for years. I always loved going out to his house/photography studio and watching him play and tell old stories as a child. Last weekend I was in North Carolina for the first time for a few years, and my brother and I thought it would be a really special treat to bring my girlfriend Rachael and his wife Sonia out to Ed’s to visit, tell old stories, and hopefully hear some good music. When we first got there, I realized that I’d never really met Ed or heard him play as an adult. I wondered if I would be as impressed not as I was as a wide eyed child. I can happily say that even as the judgmental grown-up I am, I found his playing to be cleaner and more inspired than I’ve ever heard, and that he really is a great man that I’m glad to have known the last 15 years or so.

Having just filmed a bit at a wedding, I had all of my cameras with me so I decided to kinda just set them up and see what happens. The video I’ve captured doesn’t have all of the fancy track slides/dolly shots, jib/crane shots, stead cam and all the other embellishes you’ll find on my website. In fact, there’s a portion about 3/4th’s of the way in where I didn’t realized one of the cameras wasn’t rolling so you’ll see some less-than-ideal camera movements. This video is about the content. Funny stories, great music, and plenty of noise from us talking and beer bottles being set down. At over 21 minutes, this video is about 10 times longer than what people on the internet expect to see in todays easily distracted audience, but I could watch Ed play all day long, and I just couldn’t see cutting this any shorter. I hope you enjoy this video at least half as much as I do.

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