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How obtrusive are you? – FAQ

When couples are deciding whether or not they want to have video, they often worry about how obtrusive it will be to add a team of videographers to their day. Many couples express this concern to me, and when they don’t, I bring it up! That’s because it’s important for me to know what boundaries you’d like to set. There are certain shots that I can get with my camera that may look awesome in the video, but mean that I’m a little bit more visible during the day. It’s up to every couple to decide where their comfort zone is with that. There are some couples that say, “stay away, we don’t want to see you all day,” while other couples that say, “do whatever it takes, I don’t care if you have to stand next to the groom during the vows, get the shot!” Neither couple is right or wrong for what they want, everybody just has different opinions. It’s my job to communicate with the couple befor the wedding and find out just what the right approach is to filming their wedding.

As an example, If you take a look at Katie and Matt’s web trailer, there’s a shot at about 0:57 where the camera is moving from above the chandelier coming down over the area where the ceremony was held. We got this shot a while before any guests arrived, so no one was around. Now, it might have been a really great shot for the camera to come down and reveal Matt and Kattie sharing their vows or exchanging rings, but, for that kind of shot, I use a piece of equipment called a Jib, or a Crane. The Jib that I own has a 12 foot arm, and sits on a 4 foot stand, so essentially we’re talking about bringing in a piece of equipment that swings from the rafters over every bodies head down to the floor. In a very large church, where I have a chance to set the jib up 100 feet behind the person sitting the furthest away from the alter, this may not be a big deal. But in Matt and Katie’s ceremony that was moved into a smaller area around a fireplace because of the rain, the Jib would have been very distracting. So I made the appropriate decision for that day not to use the Jib during the ceremony. But, to maintain a cinematic approach to the ceremony, I used a much smaller piece of gear called a slider or track that’s about 3 feet long and can be set on the ground. If you go to the video at about 1:44 you can see my track slowly sliding toward the couple as they share vows. I was on my knees in the center isle next to the photographer and below the heads of all of the guests. Still, some clients may say that even that is too much, while others might say put the jib next the maid of honor and get that view! That’s why I want every client to feel comfortable with letting me know just what their expectations are!

This is a stock photo of the jib I use (I should get one of my 2nd shooters to take a picture of me using it huh). That’s not really the same camera I use, and there’s not much to judge size of it, but this’ll give you an idea:

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