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What’s the difference between a videographer and a cinematographer? – FAQ

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If you’ve been researching around for your wedding videographer, chances are you’ve come across somebody calling themselves a wedding Cinematographer or a wedding film maker. So you may be wondering what that all really means. Basically, there’s a certain type of wedding videography that has sort of a bad stigma. A lot people, when they hear “wedding videography,” think of the same kind of video that’s been made since the 80’s. With big over the shoulder cameras and a tripod in the back of the room making wedding videos that just look like home movies. There are a lot of people that don’t even realize how far wedding videography has come in the last decade or so, so they don’t really think they want it…until they see it! So people like me and the other people out there that call themselves wedding cinematographers and wedding film makers are just trying to separate themselves from that old fashion video. We’re working hard to show people how artistic, cinematic and beautiful wedding films can be. Part of the problem is that there still are a LOT of companies out there that have been in business for a few decades and haven’t changed anything in their equipment or techniques since they started. If you’re on a budget, you can certainly go out and get a wedding video made for $600, but the product you’ll receive will be so very different from what I do, that a lot of people have felt like it needs a different name, so they call it cinematography instead of videography. The word cinematography comes from the film industry, and it refers to the art of cameras and lights in movement against a subject. What it has come to mean in the wedding industry is just that the creator is attempting to be more artistic using the most current equipment and tools similar to what is used on big budget movies, so that hopefully the wedding film will look like a big budget Hollywood movie too.

So what am I? Am I a videographer or a cinematographer or a film maker or a “professional story teller?” (yes I’ve heard people call themselves that.) Personally, I don’t care what you call me! I may say film maker or cinematographer in conversation, but generally I use videographer on my website simply because I think that’s what people are typing into google, and it really doesn’t matter what my title is, I just want you to find and watch one of my videos (or films, whatever) and let it speak for itself.

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